Cleaning wasn't even 
on the radar,

but it should have been.

While living in Australia with her husband Ray, Donna Baxter struggled with all the usual cleaning problems: tacky floors from cleaner build-up, streaky windows cleaned with "streak-free cleaners", never-ending smudges on the stainless steel and granite, and a steady stream of dust and pet fur.

Then a friend introduced her to mechanical cleaning products.  What a change! She was able to clean quickly and get the results she wanted. But she experienced another unexpected benefit-the sinus headaches that had plagued her for over ten years went away immediately.

Donna found products that really worked-with no side effects. She wanted to share it with her friends and family in the US. She quickly realized it wasn't just her own family who needed mechanical cleaners, so Donna and Ray decided to move back to the US from Australia to spread the word.

When you try EZ Green Clean, you will be equally impressed.   This is something too good to keep to yourself. Do what Donna did. Try it, Love it, Tell your friends and family. Make meaningful changes.