First a dream,

now a reality in the US.


While living in Australia, Donna Baxter stumbled across ENJO. She was suffering from all the usual cleaning problems: tacky floors from cleaner build-up, streaky windows cleaned with streak-free cleaners, never ending finger prints and smudges on the stainless steel and granite and a steady stream of dust and pet fur.

When she started using ENJO products, cleaning became a snap. She was able to clean quickly and get the results she wanted. But she got one more benefit that she did not expect. The sinus headaches that she had suffered with for over ten years went away immediately.

In ENJO, Donna found a product that really worked, with no side effects. This made her want it for her friends and family in the US. She quickly realized the need was greater than just her own family, so Donna and Ray Baxter decided to move back to the US from Australia to import ENJO products.

The rest is history. When you see ENJO, you will be equally impressed and you will also want to show it to your friends and family because of what ENJO can do for them. This is something too good to keep to yourself. Try it, Love it, Tell your friends and family. That is how ENJO has grown for over twenty years.