Business FAQs


Does EZ Green Clean require me to hold stock?
No. There is no requirement to hold stock on hand, but you can choose to keep products on
hand at your discretion.

Are there any warranties on the products?
Yes. There is a years manufacturers limited warranty on all fibers and all tools against faulty workmanship. In practice, most fibers last 2-3 years and tools last for many years.

Are there a minimum sales quotas or targets?
No. EZ Green Clean is part of your business and you set your targets and goals. We will support you to achieve these.

What types of training are available to new Affiliates?
EZ Green Clean offers a comprehensive three step training program and a support structure that is designed to help new Affiliates.

How easy is it to make money with EZ Green Clean?
EZ Green Clean is not a “get rich quick scheme”. It is a business. Like all businesses, EZ Green Clean can be operated as a product sold in your business, an online business or a combination of both.

Are there any advertising restrictions?
Advertising is permitted within the EZ Green Clean advertising guidelines.

Who takes care of the tax?
For online sales, Ameri-Eco, Inc will remit the tax. With sales tax on products sold by you, you are responsible for properly charging and collecting sales tax from your customers.  Consult your accountant for any advice regarding taxes.