Business FAQs


Does ENJO require me to hold stock?
No. There is no requirement to hold stock on hand, but you can choose to keep products on
hand at your discretion.

Are there any warranties on the products?
Yes. There is a years manufacturers limited warranty on all fibers and all tools against faulty workmanship. In practice, fibers last 2-3 years and tools last for many years.

Are there a minimum sales quotas or targets?
No. ENJO is your business and you set your targets and goals. We will support you to achieve these.

Are there any “new Consultant” incentives to boost start my business?
Yes. ENJO has a unique “Strong Start” program designed to support new Consultants and maximize your success.

What other “business” opportunities are offered?
ENJO has a simple, but effective leadership structure that allows talented and motivated individuals to build a bigger and more scalable business. This involves building, managing, coaching, training and leading Consultants, teams of Consultants, teams of Leaders and ultimately an Area/State.

What types of training are available to new Consultants?
ENJO offers a comprehensive three step training program and a support structure that is designed to
help new Consultants.

What is the average total time it takes per Demo?
The demo itself should not last much more than 90 minutes. We advise that at most you should budget for 3 hours per Demo. This includes host coaching made before the Demo, Demo time, minimal paperwork, and customer service. As you become more experienced, this time will decrease.

What is the Host Program and who pays for the host benefits?
The Host Program is a means by which the host will receives free or discounted ENJO products in return for opening her/his house to family and friends. It is an extremely generous program and enables the host to significantly reduce the cost of implementing ENJO in their homes. Note – the Host Program is paid for 100% by Ameri-Eco, Inc.

How easy is it to make money with ENJO?
ENJO is not a “get rich quick scheme”. It is a business. Like all businesses, ENJO can be operated at various levels of activity and you should judge and evaluate success in your own terms. Self-motivation and genuine enthusiasm will be the key. ENJO is dedicated to supporting and providing an environment for Consultants to flourish.

Are there any advertising restrictions?
As a Consultant you are not allowed to sell ENJO products on-line or via auction sites such as E-Bay. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on advertising. However, advertisements need to be approved by Ameri-Eco, Inc. prior to posting. Ask your Team Leader to help you with this.

Who takes care of the tax?
As a Consultant, you are self-employed and therefore responsible for all applicable taxes with the exception of sales tax. With sales tax, you are responsible for properly charging and collecting sales tax from your customers. You them remit the sales tax to Ameri-Eco, Inc. who will make one payment to each tax entity. Consult your accountant for any advice regarding taxes.