Product FAQs

What is the average life span of EZ Green Clean products?

Provided that EZ Green Clean fibers are properly cared for, they last for at least 2 – 3 years, even in difficult applications, such as the daily cleaning of large homes. 

EZ Green Clean fibers specialize technology works with water so how is it possible to save water that way?

Chemical cleaners are diluted with water and then need more water to rinse off them off. As EZ Green Clean fibers lift the dirt away without cleaners, it is not necessary to rinse afterward, saving up to 90 % of the valuable water.

Is it actually clean without the use of chemicals?

Yes! EZ Green Clean fibers clean mechanically rather than chemically. EZ Green Clean fibers are microscopic and go down into the smallest pores and thinnest cracks to remove dirt and bacteria. The surface is up to 99.99% bacteria free. 

What about bacteria?

Cleaning with EZ Green Clean fibers can physically remove bacteria. Also, through drying with our EZ Green Clean cloths, we create an environment where bacteria cannot survive. Chemical residue in traditional cleaning methods facilitates bacteria growth.