How to care for your EZ Green Clean products 


Please follow these simple steps for optimum cleaning and long life from your EZ Green Clean products:

  • Before first use, wash all fibers in a lint free laundry bag.
  • DO NOT put EZ Fibers in a Microwave, Dish Washer or Dry Clean.
  • DO NOT put in clothes dryer unless label states it is clothes dryer safe.
  • DO NOT wash with fabric softener (or in a washing machine that uses fabric softener in other loads), bleach, or products that have bleach or fabric softener in them.
  • DO NOT use sanitize mode or instant hot water to wash fibers.
  • DO NOT leave dirty or wet Floorfibers on the Floorcleaner Plate to dry.
  • DO rinse/wash fibers by hand for light grime.
  • DO for medium/heavy grime, machine wash fibers in water from 104°F to 140°F, depending on the product. See tag on product. If in doubt, wash at a maximum of 104°F.
  • DO use liquid or powder laundry detergent.
  • DO if unable to wash fiber immediately after use, store fiber in a container covered with water for up to two days. DO NOT allow to dry dirty.
  • DO wash all EZ fiibers with similar colored cloth.
  • Do after washing, shake fibers and hang to dry.
  • DO occasionally wash the Floorcleaner Plate to remove dirt/grit.


If you have questions, contact your Affiliate or EZ Green Clean who will be happy to help.