Protect our drinking water

Save our precious water supply

In the US, 32 million pounds of chemicals enter our water supply each day. Green cleaners just change what is being poured into our water supply, mechanical cleaning reduces the amount of cleaners entering the water supply. A solution, not a band aid. EZ products are not a disposable product, they can be used over and over.  They will replace approximately 30 bottles of cleaners. 

No animal testing

High quality products consistent with nature! The development and production of all EZ products neither needs animal experiments nor their results. Change to a safer way of cleaning, change to EZ Green Clean!

Reduce Waste

By using products over and over, EZ customers reduce their daily domestic trash. Even the shipment and delivery of EZ fibers takes place in recyclable bags. The result: considerably smaller mountains of trash, no pollution of ground water and a clear conscience.